MenTalk Growth Overview

Saturday, April 8, 2023. Mentalk Growth was introduced to the community during the, "Why Mental Heath Matters Mental Health Awareness Gala. This event took place at The VenU by Roseburgh, 420 Meadowbrook Rd, Jackson, MS

The Special Guest Speaker was Tiffany Ross, Ph.D, MS-MFT, Owner and CEO of Old to New Creations, LLC.

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MenTalk Growth was proud to host its inaugural Mental Health Awareness Gala. According to Mareko Brown, The Founder of MenTalk Growth, “this event will aid in bringing awareness and support for men of color dealing with mental health issues and challenges. During this inaugural Gala, we intend to raise awareness about mental health within our communities while debunking the stigma often associated with it among men."

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Join us on as we share more information about the future direction of MenTalk Growth, upcoming events, partnerships and how you can be part of the journey.